GoMedia Ministry

Vision Statement

GoMedia Ministry exists to support and promote the vision of Gateway as set forth by Apostle Mary under the direction of the Holy Spirit. We strive to be a conduit for communications and data to be developed, stored, produced, printed and sent through technology.


Mission Statement

The GoMedia Ministry team is made up of committed and resourceful members who seek opportunities to use and develop their talents for the purpose of:

  • Enhancing the corporate Celebration experience with audio, video and photography
  • Extending the reach of Gateway’s vision through social media, our website, podcasts, digital recordings and marketing to the Body of Christ, our local community and the nations
  • Creatively expressing the written and spoken word of God for others to see, hear and understand
  • Nurturing involvement of the Body of Christ by keeping communications relevant, timely, clear and simple




Gateway Podcasts
July 3, 2019
Mothers Day 2019