Gateway Praise & Worship Ministry
Vision Statement
Gateway Praise and Worship Team exists to create an atmosphere for the manifested presence of God through prophetic voices, sound, and a corporate anointing so that the Body of Christ can grow a deeper, higher, and stronger relationship with God and the Kingdom of God can be established in worship and in praise.
Mission Statement
At Gateway, our praise and worship team strives for excellence by practicing and developing our vocal, instrumental and songwriting abilities; however, this is secondary to the anointing. More than anything, we value the presence of God and the corporate anointing during our worship experience.
The worship experience at Gateway can best be described as passionate, prophetic and relevant. An atmosphere where the presence of God is welcomed and nurtured through our individual relationship with God, producing sounds and songs that come from the depth of God's presence and a desire to lead God's people into that atmosphere.  
Gateway Podcasts
July 3, 2019
Mothers Day 2019