E-Merge High School Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Leader: Eghosa Igbinobaro

Mission Statement

E-merge youth ministry strives to support, develop, challenge and prepare young people to reach their full, God-given potential and become healthy, mature adults who have a real relationship with Jesus.


The Team

While we have several highly qualified teachers who minister to our Junior High students weekly on Sunday mornings under the oversight of elder, Stephanie Colegrove, we also have minstry designed specifically for our High School students. Eghosa Igbinobaro is the lead over our High School ministry under the oversight of elders, Matt and Dawn Stebleton. Eghosa is a pre-med student at Wayne State University and has grown up under the ministry of Gateway leadership. She has a passion for God and a desire to use her talents and giftings to inspire young people to develop a real relationship with God and with one another.


Topics We Cover:                                                                           

* Purpose                                  * Character and Integrity            *Honor and Respect

* Healthy Relationships          * Purity and Power                      * Family Dynamics

* Loving yourself                     * Commitment and Unity            *Love of the Father

* Overcoming Divisions          * Love, Love, Love                    


 From the Heart




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