Senior Leader - Leadership Team

Dawn Stebleton

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Anyone who knows Dawn Stebleton, knows her passion and hunger for prayer and to see others realize the treasure hidden inside, longing to be discovered, developed and shared generously. This motivation comes from Dawn’s own transformational life journey and response to those who continue to draw out the best in her. The core value that is the closest to Dawn’s heart is that sincere and passionate prayer as a lifestyle and an overflow of our relationship with the Father. She is passionate about empowering teams, identifying opportunities for improvement and helping others to plan for creative solutions. She does this through one on one mentoring, team building and helping people to find the leadership potential that God has placed in all of us. Dawn is the team leader for the Gateway leadership team and oversees the media team and intercessory prayer ministry at Gateway. You will often hear Dawn sharing her heart for prayer, finding your potential, and knowing the Father. To know more about Dawn, check out her recent podcasts posted on this website!

Leadership Team

Matt Stebleton

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As an 8-year old boy, Matt Stebleton, felt a strong desire to lead God’s people someday. This began his journey that would take him through many milestones of great joy and pain towards fulfilling God’s unique purpose for his life. Matt is passionate about people and family. He loves to inspire and coach others toward connecting in relationship and finding their purpose in the workplace and in ministry. Matt is also gifted in singing and songwriting. Currently, Matt oversees our worship ministry and hospitality/outreach events. You will often hear Matt sharing his heart about gathering together as God’s people and motivating us to reach outside of the four walls of the church. To know more about Matt, check out his recent podcasts posted on this website!

Leadership Team

Hal Colegrove

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From a very young age, Hal Colegrove had a deep desire to know God intimately and was surrounded by a family of believers from multiple generations. Hal’s individual journey has led him through a great deal of natural and supernatural experiences that have shaped him into the man he is today. Hal is passionate about seeing people move from religion to relationship; relationship with God, God’s family, our natural families. You will often hear Hal speaking about relationship and how to practically “seek God’s Kingdom first” in our lives. Hal oversees our ushering and altar ministry, as well as those who serve to keep our facility looking and operating with excellence. To know more about Hal, check out his recent podcasts posted on this website!

Leadership Team

Stephanie Colegrove

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You will rarely find anyone as rooted and grounded in the Word of God as Stephanie Colegrove. Being raised by two parents who were dedicated to ministry, Stephanie learned from a very young age the value of God’s written Word and through years of teaching people of all ages, discovered creative ways to bring His Word to life. Stephanie has a passion for developing herself and others for the Kingdom through training and mentoring. She has demonstrated this in her family, workplace and in ministry. Her education, spirit of excellence, and desire to see God’s people grow enable her to oversee our children’s ministry, develop our teachers and provide organizational support to Gateway. To know more about Stephanie, check out her recent podcasts posted on this website.

Leadership Team

Mary McCall

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All of Mary McCall’s life she has been surrounded by a family that places tremendous worth in building strong character, exemplifying family values and personal learning and development. Mary’s life journey aligns with these values. She spent 35 years in the Detroit Public School system before retiring as a school administrator 13 years ago and is also a mother, grandmother and most recently, a great-grandmother. Mary’s role as a true “mother” at Gateway comes out of an overflow of her passion to teach, counsel and inspire others toward their God-given destiny.  To know more about Mary, check out her recent podcasts posted on this website.

Advisory Council (Non-Local and Local)

Gateway's Advisory Council is a team of individuals who bring a history of experience, wisdom and insight which complement that of the Gateway Leadership Team so that the church can be more effectively governed. The advisory council is available to serve, protect, provide support and act as a "covering" to the leadership team when situations arise where additional, outside support and consultation is sought out.


Mary Stebleton, Founder

Mount Juliet, TN

After being raised in a Wesleyan Pastor’s home, surrounded by strong faith and sound doctrine, Mary Stebleton started on a journey toward knowing God for herself. The journey took her through many ups and downs, from experiencing the disillusionment of religion to liberating encounters with the power of God. In partnership with her lifelong friend and partner in ministry, Ardella Darst, a major milestone in that journey happened in 1997…Gateway was born. Starting with only 13 people meeting in a home, Mary’s gift as an Apostle, has established the foundation stones that make Gateway the uniquely special place that it is today. Gateway is built upon valuing the corporate presence of God in prophetic worship, bringing Heaven to Earth and the desire for more of God!


Although, Mary is now living in Tennessee and not physically present at Gateway, she serves as advisory council to the leadership at Gateway. Joining her in that advisory role are co-founder of Gateway, Ardella Darst and Bishop Gary Clowers of Family Worship Center Ministries, International.


Ardella Darst, Co-Founder

Mount Juliet, TN

Ardella Darst grew up in a strong Pentecostal home and attended and graduated from Bible College in St. Paul, MN.  After travelling and evangelizing in the early 1970’s, Ardella pursued her education and graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Business. Today, Ardella is enjoying retirement from her role as the Vice President in Human Resources for Comcast Corporation. Ardella is the co-founder of Gateway. Through her gifts as Prophet and Teacher, she makes every word “alive”.  Her love is training leaders and maturing God’s people for works of service in the Kingdom! Today, Ardella lives in Mount Juliet, TN and serves as advisory council along with Mary Stebleton, founding Apostle of Gateway and Bishop Gary Clowers, Family Worship Center Ministries, International.


Bishop Gary Clowers

Fremont, Ohio

Born in the State of Arkansas, Bishop Gary Clowers heard the voice of God and was called to preach at the tender age of 4 or 5 years old. Bishop Clowers would experience times as a young child of an anointing, a sense of urgency to deliver God’s Word and would go out in his back yard and preach to the trees. God has given to this man a message for today that is relevant and revolutionary. Seeking the face of God and through much chaos and inner turmoil, as God began to bring revelation and order to his life. Bishop Clowers is married to Pastor Lydia. In 1994, they founded Family Worship Center of Fremont Ohio where they still live. Bishop Clowers oversees, both nationally and internationally, over fifty churches and their pastors. He has a burning passion for the Kingdom of God and for relationship. He is a friend and a “father” to Gateway as part of the “family” of churches and ministries that he serves.

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