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Dawn Stebleton

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Anyone who knows Dawn Stebleton, knows her passion and hunger for prayer and to see others realize the treasure hidden inside, longing to be discovered, developed and shared generously. This motivation comes from Dawn’s own transformational life journey and response to those who continue to draw out the best in her. The core value that is the closest to Dawn’s heart is that sincere and passionate prayer as a lifestyle and an overflow of our relationship with the Father. She is passionate about empowering teams, identifying opportunities for improvement and helping others to plan for creative solutions. She does this through one on one mentoring, team building and helping people to find the leadership potential that God has placed in all of us. Dawn is the team leader for the Gateway leadership team and oversees the media team and intercessory prayer ministry at Gateway. You will often hear Dawn sharing her heart for prayer, finding your potential, and knowing the Father. To know more about Dawn, check out her recent podcasts posted on this website!

Gateway Podcasts
February 17, 2018
The Breaker
February 17, 2018
Journey To Promise
February 3, 2018
Taking Care of Yourself
  February 2018  
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